Long Live Class
Hey everyone!!!
Sooooooo, I'm really proud of this dress!!! It didn't take me very long to complete! (well it wouldn't have if I wasn't being so lazy with the hem!!!) I like to call this the Sunday Tea dress. It reminds me of a dress that a woman from the late 50's or early 60's would wear if she was out with her friends or just enjoying a cup of tea. Its made of a pink striped cotton. The fabric is really beautiful and light so I lined it in a muslin fabric to keep the lightness. I think my favorite part is the pleating on the bottom. It makes the dress really flirty and fun! 
Because I'm selling this on the website it can be custom made to any set of measurements and the style can be made in any fabric!!!! If you like the dress but want it to be custom made in a different fabric you can fill out the custom order form on the clothing page. I'll be sure to contact you within 24 hours ( it wont even be that long!! (: )

Do you guys like this dress!?! Be sure to comment!!!

PS : 
If you want more details on the fabric just let me know and Ill write a new post about it!



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